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Snake on a Bus!


Remember the days of the Marlboro Man on the side of the bus? Support advertising via city buses has been around since the days of panel-sided station wagons. Bus advertisement usually consisted of a person with a brief slogan (like the Marlboro man); then graduated to perhaps a health care clinic with a cartoon character doctor or theater advertisement during Christmas season. But nothing spectacular or noteworthy. You see it once and then forget about it. The new style of bus advertising (bus wraps) may seem extravagant in cost (in the tens of thousands of dollars), but they are eye-catching, unforgettable and conversation starters and are creating a marketing buzz.

Bus wraps are all the rage in advertising.

Snake on a bus immediately caught my eye. No words are needed, the immediate visual makes you think “Zoo.” This particular wrap is amazingly and realistic. The enormity of a snake squeezing a bus makes you look twice to assure yourself it is not real! Bus wrap marketing targets all ages because it is easy to understand, interesting and mind boggling.

A snake?

But, why chose a snake? Many people confess to their fear of snakes; yet what else can wrap and squeeze you (or a bus) as well as a snake. Of course, wrap a snake around the bus on a bus wrap! It makes creative sense.

Bus wraps are everywhere and on almost anything that moves. Snake on a bus is obviously advertising a zoo. Most cities have a limited number of Zoos so it is not too much a concern to splatter the Zoo name across the bus. If you look closely at this bus wrap you can see it is for the Copenhagen Zoo.


Do you know Diamonds?

TOM does…….

Wow! Shane company knows diamonds, and pearls and “what women want!” This advertisement caught my ear as I hear it weekly on the “Sid and Dave Sports Huddle” Sunday morning talk show (WCCO, 830 on your AM dial). Sid and Dave is a talk show recapturing Minnesota sports from the week. This station audience is mostly sports minded and takes calls for discussion and comment. As far as I can recognize, there are two commercials, one is video taped (Shane Company) and one is endorsed by Sid (Starky Hearing Aids).

Tom Shane – the Voice

There is no way this voice over the air can not capture your attention!  It is an unusual voice: not unpleasant, not sophisticated, but genuine, determined and confident. It is the type of commercial you hear subconsciously and later that day you suddenly have no idea why you are thinking the words “Shane Company.”

Tom Shane – the Image

Tom has kept his image a mystery.  He is often recognized only by his voice. I didn’t realize he is also a bit of a comedian. check out this ad campaign.

I now realize I  have heard this commercial many times on many different stations, but just recently took note of it. I also realized as I listened with intent, that I knew all the words without ever thinking that I was paying attention. Truly a sign of good advertising due to voice recognition.

Tom Shane – the Friend

Tom Shane continues to keep his image a mystery and put all his efforts into his voice that is so widely recognized. Nevertheless, thanks to social media, you can now know what “your friend in the diamond business looks like.”



creative media campaign

Warby Parker is full of energy and supports individuality and how eyewear can help distinguish you from each other.  At the end of the video, you cannot help but explore the newest craze of trying eye frames on yourself on the computer……Virtual Eyewear!

What a concept! Over 50% of the population has some type of vision impairment, and Warby Parker is out with a campaign designed to catch your eye! Warby Parker will grab your attention, style, and compassion while selling itself as a young hip organization that appeals to everyone from the young in age and heart, to the entrepreneur with his/her own unique savvy style to the astute business person.

Warby Parker  allows you to explore what Warby is all about. They share their history, how glasses are made and the significance of well made creative eyewear (to the extent that you want to become a Warby Parker groupie). This leads you to the option to try on multiple pairs of eyewear online, order and never have to leave the house? Warby Parker has made virtual eyewear a hip and happening way to get shades, readers, or classic prescription glasses. They have several advertising campaigns. The most recent is to buy a pair, give a pair. Wow! how can you resist!

Most people are  familiar with Warby Parker line and ability to buy eyewear from this site with positive results.  My neighbor sports a pair of prescription sunglasses that are perfect for her.

Lets face it, we often want the newest model of eyewear, only to find out that particular hip trend is not the right fit for you. With Warby Parker’s virtual try-on, you can share your look with friend and feedback from cronies before you make the “OMG what was I thinking” purchase.

Signing off and going to see how I look in pink. What do you think?

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My Favorite Website

TED Talks

Ted talks is my favorite website.  It is simple, easy to navigate, informative and entertaining.  Once you go to the website you become hooked.   You Immediately  see what is newest in the cue.  There are six small inserts which include the topic, speaker and a picture of the speaker.

This small glance  gives you a quick visual and overview of what you might enjoy.  To further your search for the right topic, you can choose your talk  by topic, language, duration, events, or speaker.  Once you select (or click) on a talk, you have an opportunity to begin listening to the talk.  Fortunately, this doesn’t tie you into the entire segment and you can simply stop the “talk” if you decide you are not interested in that particular topic, language, or speaker after all.  Or, you can save a talk for later listening.

I visit Ted talks about two to three times a week. Sometimes instead of music I will play Ted as background info as I work on a simple task.  I enjoy many of the topics and generations the talks represent.  Yesterday I began listening to  a talk regarding teens in prison.  This talk reminded me of the significance to create better options for rehabilitation in prison life for young adults.

If it is Comedy you Like……

You can also find comedy on Ted Talk.  I recently found a talk by Thomas Hellum regarding boring TV.  This is a copy of the text intro:

You’ve heard about slow food. Now here’s slow … TV? In this very funny talk, Norwegian television producer Thomas Hellum shares how he and his team began to broadcast long, boring events, often live — and found a rapt audience. Shows include a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition and a 5.5-day ferry voyage along the coast of Norway. The results are both beautiful and fascinating. Really”

I didn’t have time to watch the whole spot, but I did save it.

Another plus to the Ted talks site is the sound introduction.  When you click on a segment, there is a popping noise that sounds like a droplet of water in an echo chamber Embed from Getty Imagesthen a mini-explosion on the screen, like a magnetic wave.  After the symphonic introductory,  there is a quick reminder of what you have just tuned in to “Ted talks… Ideas worth spreading.”

When I am done visiting with this website, I have  a sense of fulfillment.  And the bonus,  no login, no new password,  nor giving of personal information…. which gives me a sense of freedom.

Ted Talks is downloaded to my laptop and educational enlightenment  is a click away.

Magazine Advertisement

Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno

Upon perusing several magazines,  my advertisement of choice is the Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno.  I have discovered that advertisements for foods have a wide range of complexities.  Not only is the image of great importance,  but the texture and familiarity with the product have equal value for attracting the consumer and keeping their attention.   I found this ad in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (February 2015).    

Tango across your Tongue
Tango across your Tongue

Overall, I liked this advertisement for Crunchy Jalapenos. Truly, I am not a big a fan of Jalapenos, but this makes me want to try one.   The most noticeable image in this ad is the potato chip being liberated from the pepper. The contrast caught me off guard and drew my attention.  The texture of a crunchy potato coming out of a soft pepper? If the image doesn’t snap your taste buds into curiosity, the flavor sure will!  Many of us find the simple potato chip  to be an irresistible treat.  This new product appears to be the same crunchy Kettle Potato chip offering a special twist. Lays has added an ingredient; jalapenos. The background in the advertisement embraces the culture of the jalapeno by adding a margarita, whole jalapeno, lime wedge and salsa. And, if you look closely near the bowl of salsa,  you will see the standard taco chip has been replaced by a potato chip.  This now gives you the incentive to use this new product as a taco chip.

The ad appears to be based entirely on image without much verbiage.  I feel this magazine is a good source for this type of ad.  This is a “flip through the pages” magazine and see what catches your eye.   The minimum use of words is clever and quite creative.  Not only does Lays introduce the (hot) jalapeno pepper to their potato chip, but suggests it will “tango across your tongue.” This use of words continue the play on culture and now adds a layer of  sensuality.   There is the culture, flavor, texture (pepper versus chip) and sensuality (tongue and tango). There is a LOT going on here!  And if you chose,  it can all happen to you when you purchase Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno potato chips.

Cheers to the Chip!

My favorite item

I gave more thought to my favorite item and realized I have an addiction to containers of a sort.  My purse, school bag, home and work space all have containers in various shapes and sizes.  Being organized is a habit of mine,  pretty close to OCD.  There is a place for everything and everything in its place.  And I believe the places you keep your thing(s) is just as important as your thing(s).  There are a varying array of materials used to hold my personal and/or necessary items. Mostly small pouches or boxes given to me as gifts from someone special in my life.

I have  wooden boxes, suede, cloth, microfiber and leather pouches. Some more delicate than others.  I have attached a photo to show an idea of what I carry around with me daily.  I feel like I carry part of the world with me.  Can you find a pouch from South Africa,  a box from Russia, a treasure chest from Ethopia, a pink leather zip pouch from Kate Spade  and an elegant cloisonne case from Ojai?

The cloisonne case is truly my favorite.  I received it from my son two years ago on Mother’s day.  Originally meant for business cards, but I have chosen to use it as a place to store my credit cards. He purchased it during one of his many travels across the continental divide.  The container contains something more valuable than credit cards ….  it contains sentiment. Mostly, it reminds me of my son every time I use it.

This slim container is the perfect size and shape for many uses.  It is sleek and  can fit in a small evening bag or your back jean pocket.  You can take it anywhere. It is perfect for long walks or or small handlebar bike bags.  When exercising you can even toss your license or ID in there for identification without adding any bulk to your active wear.  In addition,  it is also a piece of art to keep close at hand.  It has a smooth glossy finish that comes in handy when blindly digging around inside your bag.  The smoothness stands out from the rest of your bag contents making  it is easy to feel.

The cloisonne design is on the top half of the case.  Mine has and arrangement of flowers and paisley design in soft easy colors like lavender, lilac, amber and teal.  The border is golden and the bottom is a type of metal material. Not only is it a beautiful container,  it has a simple mechanical operation to open and close tight; no zipper, snap, button, or clasp to break or snag. To open your cloisonne case  simply push up on the small lip that slightly protrudes over the lower half.  To close it, snap it shut. When snapped shut it stays tight.   It has never unobtrusively opened and spilled the contents when in my purse.

It is one of my favorite things.  It contains my credit cards and my heart, therefore has a lot of power!